Ilan Dan-Gur

I am looking to tutor math and physics to high-school students in the Bow Valley.

I have worked for many years as an engineer and technician for companies in Canada and USA.

The first lesson is free. If the student is happy with the results, the cost is $15 per lesson (a single lesson is up to one hour).

My Education

Queen's University
Kingston, Ontario

Master of Science Degree

Electrical & Computer Engineering

Technion – Israel Institute of Technology
Haifa, Israel

Bachelor Degree



Ilan Dan-Gur
Canmore, Alberta
Phone: 403-688-0777
Email: ilan@MoleSense.com

Some Technical Accomplishments

I have four area of interest:

- Physics
- Conputer algorithms
- Data mining
- Dermatology

Below are projects that I have completed and are available to view on the web.

I created two useful Android apps:

- An app to sharpen the brain, memory, and math skills by solving math problems.

- An app that helps people see a detailed image of eye floaters (floaters are opaque or semi-opaque deposits (e.g. dead cells) that float inside the eye).

The apps are called "Math Prodigy" and "Eye Floaters" on the Google Play app store.

I created the largest online database of user-contributed skin mole images:


I used data from the CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention in the USA) to find all of the large geographical areas in the U.S. that have high cancer incidence or mortality rates compared to other U.S. regions for every combination of cancer, gender, and race/ethnicity.

I used Javascript to process and analyze the data and present statistical results (data visualization) on my website.

Below are the two main articles of the analysis:



I created a browser software (a "Chrome extension") that analyzes similarities between the user's mole images and 100s of skin cancer images on the web.

The tool can be downloaded (for free) by going to the Chrome Web Store .

A satellite circling planet Earth. A reticular net which is curved near planet Earth is also shown. The curved net depicts the distortion of space in the vicinity of planet earth